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Our board members are some of our community's most passionate individuals.



To ensure that the clinic is responsive to the needs of its patients, HRSA requires that all FQHCs are governed by a board that is 51% or more comprised of current clinic patients. We are proud to possess an active board filled with engaged community members we interact with on a daily basis. Our board members are some of the community's most passionate individuals and they provide us with unmatched leadership and direction. We appreciate your dedication in maintaining this ratio.




John Donner

Board Chair
Senior Advisor, Vectis Strategies


Devon Rios

Co-Vice Chair

Law Office of Devon Rios Barellano

Special Education Law and Advocacy


Jose Andrade

Co-Vice Chair

James A. Garfield High School

Beatrice Bojorquez


Casa Cultural Saybrook Park


Edward Reyes


Director of Accounting Operations

The Gas Company





Wendy Ruiz

Community Activist


Armando Lawrence



Sylvia Villanueva

Registered Nurse Practitioner



Fabian Torres.jpg
Fabian Torres 

Business Development Consultant

Nomad Desk US


Laura Barrera.JPG
Laura Barrera

LB Consulting, Inc.

Government & Public Relations





Volunteer Board Members Needed

We are looking for a few talented and conscientious volunteer board members to led and strengthen our programs and services for our patients.  If you can contribute your time, thoughtfulness, and leadership one evening a month, and are interested in exploring this opportunity please fill our the board member application below.

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