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Our leadership is comprised of passionate professionals committed to continuing the evolution of healthcare. Our seasoned team includes some of the most experienced and influential healthcare professionals. Our team works together closely to ensure we provide the highest level of personal care and to direct our organization skillfully as we move forward with our mission.  


Executive Team

Deborah Villar Chief Executive Officer 20201119-ViaCare#14-Shot 1-0009-1.jpg
Deborah Villar

Chief Executive Officer



Chief Medical Officer


Lourdes Olivares.jpg
Lourdes Olivares, LCSW

Chief Operations Officer


Patrice Wagonhurst.jpg
Patrice Wagonhurst, MA, MPH

Chief Development Officer


Jonathan Weedman.jpeg
Jonathan Weedman 

Chief External Affairs Officer










Senior Management

20210923-Via Care#15-092-Edit.jpg
Franklin Gonzalez

Chief Administrative Officer



Nina Falcetti MS, SPHR

Chief Human Resources Officer


Christina Bugarin.jpg
Christina Bugarin

Chief Finance Officer


Maria Valdez, Director of Compliance ViaCare#16-030-Edit.jpg
Maria Valdez-Franco

QA/QI Director


Yuri Pacheco.jpg
Yuri Pacheco

Director of Clinical Services –

Tweedy Site


ViaCare#5-013-Edit-1 Mahsa Dadkhah Direc
Mahsa Dadkhah
Pharm. D., APh

Director of Pharmacy


20201119-20201119-ViaCare#14-Shot 7-0064-2-1.jpg
Howard Kim, DDS

Co-Director of Dental


Dr. Tom Tu DDS Dental Director Via Care#15-242-Edit.jpg
 Tom Tu, DDS

Co-Director of Dental


Dr. Demetrio Cardenas DDS Dentist Via Care#15-282-Edit.jpg
Demetrio Cardenas, PA-C

Clinical Director QA/QI


Julio Arellano Director of Programs Via Care#15-076-Edit.jpg
Julio Arellano

Director of ICMS Programs



Alberto Cartagena

Director of HIV Prevention and
LGBTQ+ Programs



Freddy Tenorio
Director of Administration



Elizabeth Ramos, ACSW, Behavioral Health Clinician.jpg
Elizabeth Ramos,

Co-Director, Behavioral Health




20201119-ViaCare#14-Shot 4-0046-1.jpg
Maricela Madrigal,

Co-Director, Behavioral Health




Vanessa Fuentes
Revenue Cycle Director



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