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Medical Care


Via Care provides quality medical care in a warm and friendly environment that is respectful to our patients’ culture and experience. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Via Care provides medical services to our community regardless of the ability to pay, caring for the insured and the uninsured.


Call today for your appointment (323) 268-9191.

o General Primary Care

o Screenings

o After-Hours Coverage

o Nutrition & Weight Management

o Pharmacy

o Diagnostic Laboratory

o Sexual & Reproductive health

o Family Planning

o Immunizations

o Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment

o Physical Exams

o Chronic Disease Management

o Hypertension

o Cholesterol Screening

o Senior Care

o Specialty Referral

o HIV AIDs Screening

o STI Testing, Treatment, and Counseling

o Integrated Behavioral Health Services

o Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment

o Diabetes/Blood Pressure Screening

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