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Via Care 2021 Annual Report

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Community. Via Care is community. We are a team of dedicated professionals, staff, and board members who are committed to serving the myriad of health care needs that our patients entrust us with.


We live and work in a beautiful and supportive community. The pandemic is proof of the resilient nature of both our community and our staff alike. Community is what got us through the pandemic, and it’s what will continue to get us through the daily challenges and successes that we experience every day. Throughout this last year, our staff were committed to ensuring that both our patients and community were treated with the utmost respect and care for what they were experiencing.


It is because of our community that we continue in our efforts to extend the highest quality of care.


Please enjoy our Via Care 2021 Annual Report



Deborah Villar, CEO
Via Care Community Health Center

Via Care 2020 Annual Report

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Dear friends,


2020 was a year like no other, a year when most of us had little to no contact with extended family members. Though we were surrounded by so many uncertainties, there was one thing most of us realized early in the pandemic: the value of family.


We were all concerned about how the coronavirus might harm our families and friends, and at Via Care that concern extended to our greater family — our co-workers, the community, and the patients we serve.


Via Care acted swiftly to address any issues that could potentially have impacted access to care. Our providers moved to telemedicine with expediency to ensure there were no service lapses. We set up safe workplaces to allow for social distancing of staff and followed the same protocol in our patient areas. Understanding the importance of COVID-19 testing as it related to equity and access for our community and small businesses that employ essential workers, we immediately began screening patients and staff to ensure a safe working environment. We delivered medication to patients, and our clinical pharmacists checked in with them for medication management. In addition, our providers and staff impressed upon our patients the need to continue monitoring their health with in-person visits, and our dental department adopted new processes that included offering rapid COVID-19 testing to patients prior to a visit. We ramped up our behavioral health services to meet the increasing demand. We are pleased to report that our Via Care staff and providers have now received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, creating another layer of safety for our patients and our work environment.


While our challenges were many, our Via Care family rallied around one another. We welcomed new tasks and adapted to the myriad of changes facing us.


With the new year, we have a renewed sense of commitment to ensure that Via Care continues to hold true to the notion that healthcare is a basic human right for all. We hope you enjoy this look back at our activities of the past year and that you will join us in celebrating our growth and accomplishments over the past five years.


Please enjoy our Via Care 2020 Annual Report



Deborah Villar, CEO
Via Care Community Health Center

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