Our Mission

To support and uphold our community’s right to health by providing

quality, equitable & comprehensive care.

Our Vision

Via Care envisions a world where healthcare is a basic human right.


Our History

Via Care's story starts in 1994 when Bienvenidos Children's Center began offering confidential, comprehensive family planning services to members of their male involvement program. Aided by a grant from Title X, the program grew through the 1990s, until in 2000 it expanded to the full range of primary care services.


The clinic moved to its current location on Atlantic Boulevard in East Los Angeles in 2008, and secured funding from Los Angeles County to expand with more exam rooms in 2009.


Taking the next step in their pursuit of fully-encompassing care, Bienvenidos Community Health Center was fully incorporated in 2010, to prepare for meeting the stringent requirements to become a Federally Qualified Health Center. After the spinoff, the two organizations continued to share administrative services for the next several years.


Bienvenidos continued their expansion in 2012 by opening the Garfield Wellness Center. The center deepened the organization's commitment to quality healthcare by offering a school-based health center that could also serve the community, and doubled the number of exam rooms and patient capacity of BCHC.


BCHC continued its evolution when it became an FQHC Lookalike in early 2013, and a full FQHC in November 2013. Continuing to expand, the health center began offering behavioral health services in concert with its primary care services in 2014.


BCHC came full circle in April 2015 when it became a fully independent entity, offering primary care for all ages, family planning, reproductive health, chronic disease management, acute injury and illness care, and a warm and caring environment for everyone, regardless of insurance availability or financial status.


Continuing its evolution, BCHC changed its name to Via Care in 2016.


We look forward to achieving our vision of a day when affordable health care is available to all people.